When you love what you do, it shows. And when it shows, more often than not, your work enjoys the privilege of worthy appreciation and recognition. At Vilas Javdekar Developers, our every thought, action and endeavour is guided by this very philosophy – We Love What We Do! This news section is dedicated for the achievements, activities, project launches and the moments of pride, milestones and strides that team VJ has been a part of, over the years.

Mhasoba Mandir Pooja & Payabharni Samarambh


Following their tradition of welcoming home-buyers for carrying out a Paya Bharni or Foot Laying activity at their projects, Vilas Javdekar Developers invited about 215 residents at their Yashwin Orizzonte project at Kharadi on January 26, 2021.

Launched in October 2020, the project however is a special one as it has been blessed by the presence of God Mhasoba. It happened so that when the developers while acquiring the land for the project were cleaning it for the construction work; they came across an idol of the God which was buried in the ground. Thrilled by the discovery, the developer built a small temple in the project itself and invited all customers to come and seek its blessings.

We are building an emotional product. A home is never bought in a scientific manner; one has to feel it. Many of our home buyers are first time buyers and we follow a tradition that once you have bought an apartment with us you are the owner. The customers and VJ will build this project together, said Aditya Javdekar, CEO of VJ.
Said a customer,
The paya bharni was a thrilling experience and it was unique, which we’d never done before.

Involving people initially in the foundation is first-of-its-kind thing in Pune. One is very possessive about their first home so when you lay the foundation with your hands, it’s very peaceful,
said another.

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