When you love what you do, it shows. And when it shows, more often than not, your work enjoys the privilege of worthy appreciation and recognition. At Vilas Javdekar Developers, our every thought, action and endeavour is guided by this very philosophy – We Love What We Do! This news section is dedicated for the achievements, activities, project launches and the moments of pride, milestones and strides that team VJ has been a part of, over the years.

Ready to Roar…! Vision Meet 2021


to Roar…!
Vision Meet 2021

They say a vision is a mental picture of the future you decide. In any business, having a clear vision is absolutely critical. This helps us achieve the results we desire. That is why a vision meeting is extremely important. We, at Vilas Javdekar Developers, have a vision meet every quarter, where all the department heads are invited. Almost 45 colleagues – including team leaders as well - from various departments collaborate and brainstorm together for the collective goals of the company. We look back at what we have done in the previous quarter and what we should do in the next quarter.

Sustainable growth that puts people first is the vision of our CEO, Mr Aditya Javdekar and we all move in accordance with that. This vision meet was an important one because it was the first meeting of the year 2021. Mr Aditya Javdekar and Mr Sarvesh Javdekar were the hosts for this meeting.

One highlight that Aditya and Sarvesh mentioned, that even during the coronavirus pandemic, ‘VJ’ closed the deals for over 1,800 apartments. They both explained the humongous efforts behind this success and the team members who relentlessly worked hard to make this happen. This was an important update. Because of the pandemic situation, many of our colleagues are working remotely. So many of them were not aware of all the developments in the company and hence such meet was necessary to apprise all the colleagues about the direction we are heading towards.

Apart from this, Aditya and Sarvesh gave a detailed overview of upcoming projects. Then we set the targets for the next few months. We named this mission ‘#JFM2021’.
As soon as Aditya and Sarvesh finished with their overview, our sales team began their preparations. They are planning a few innovative concepts to reach out to the customers. We had introduced a special project – SURE – during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our sales team calculated the number of apartments that will be available in the ‘SURE’ project within the next few months and prepared a detailed campaign plan for that.

As expected, my experience was pretty much awesome. It was a ‘dream-come-true moment for me. Seeing Amitabh Bachchan in real is an experience beyond the words. He has a unique aura. When you sit on a Hot-Seat in front of Amitabh Bachchan and he asks you something, he is looking directly at you. Amitabh Bachchan is directly looking into your eyes. And you can just imagine the condition of any contestant here. He is absolutely amazing and a humble person.

Another highlight of the Vision Meet 2021 was all the department heads discussed qualitative and quantitative targets for their respective teams. Everyone was so excited about the challenge, that during the period of this vision, we were aiming to sell almost 1,000 units.

One peak of this meet was the report presented by the recovery team. They informed all of us that in-between June 2020 to December 2020, ‘VJ’ has completed almost 900 agreements. And out of those, over 400 agreements were done online with the e-registration facility. That’s an enormous achievement. Counting on the experience, we have decided that we will use e-registration for all the agreements going forward.

We all are charged up for the challenge and are ready to roar…!

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