When you love what you do, it shows. And when it shows, more often than not, your work enjoys the privilege of worthy appreciation and recognition. At Vilas Javdekar Developers, our every thought, action and endeavour is guided by this very philosophy – We Love What We Do! This news section is dedicated for the achievements, activities, project launches and the moments of pride, milestones and strides that team VJ has been a part of, over the years.

All Project Managers’ meet at Yashwin Orizzonte


Taking cognizance of the chaotic and tight-spot the Real Estate industry is into since past two years and to find constructive way ahead, the Vilas Javdekar Developers held an All Project Managers’ meet at its Yashwin Orizzonte site at Kharadi, where number of queries were discussed and resolved through one on one discussion.
About 10 Project Managers for 10 ongoing projects gathered at the site to discuss number of issues related to the construction work. However, the main attendees were the two Cluster Heads - Nitin Tarange and Mahesh Anbhule
who guided the team of Project Managers over various issues to take note of number of activities to be carried out at each construction site in next 6 months or a year. Nitin and Mahesh both head 5 projects each in Pune under whom several site engineers, supervisors and engineers work for different activities at a site.

The main focus of the meet was the discussion on COVID related problems, which are impacting the Real Estate industry including labour management, supply chain management, procuring of material and transportation, which according to the developers was getting disturbed.
In presence of Sarvesh Javdekar, Technical Director and other Purchase Heads, Nitin Tarange and Mahesh Anbhule guided the entire team of managers over what was needed to be done and to find a way forward toward better prospects without causing trouble to the customers. The discussion ranged from the status of each project to water conservation at the site to all the other resolved or unresolved iss

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